10 Best Mystery Series Books

Mystery books are the best way to kill your time while having a lot of fun. And finding a good book series is like winning a lottery. It takes away the tension of choosing your next read for quite some time. Knowing that there is a sea of characters to whom you can connect for the satisfaction of your cravings of unsolved mysteries is comforting. The idea of crime after crime and the endless storyline makes the mood even better. The finest mystery series builds a universe that people would like to stay in, forgetting about their other worries.

It is easy to ignore some genuinely amazing pieces for even mystery readers who love to read each and every book. But you do not have to worry about whether you have missed something explicable. We are here to provide you with the best mystery series out there so you can feed your detective instinct with the hint of thrill. Even if you are a new reader or want to give mystery novels a try, fortunately, there are lots of excellent options to choose from. 

Here are some flabbergasting picks that you will surely admire. Our Finest Picks to Feed your Detective Insight

List of Top 10 Best Mystery Series Books

Who does not know about Sherlock Holmes? The famous undefeatable detective. The lover of mystery and crime fiction can not deny the importance of four novels and many short stories of the Sherlock Holmes mystery series in this genre. The first novel, “A Study in Scarlet,” shows the appearance of a detective and his friend John Watson who was a retired military officer looking for a flat and found 221B in Bakers Street. They both then team up for the entire series to solve the different mysteries. 

The second part is “The sign of four,” which is where John meets Mary. In the third part, “The Hound of Baskervilles,” the Baskervilles heir was protected from a ghostly hound and did the hunt of a foe who is nearly as good as he is. The fourth novel, “The valley of fear,” is mainly based on Molly Maguires and Pinkerton agent James McParland. The series of Sherlock Holmes contains everything a mystery fan wants, from missing treasures to intriguing surroundings and crime.

Alexis realistically solves crimes and mysteries with the insights of humans, generosity, and brutality in this six-book series that will keep readers up late reading this beautifully written, humorous, adventurous mystery novel while also softly crushing their emotions. This literary mystery about family, romance, loyalty, and experience is both witty and thoughtful. 

The plot of the series revolves around Julia Masterson, who is looking forward to a fresh start. Frank, her partner, had sworn to spend the remaining years working to make their relationship work. Things began off exactly as she had anticipated in their tiny beach home on Longboat Key, Florida, when they were both freshly retired. Things were good until a certain evening, and her husband didn’t return home. What started as a pleasant trip down the beach has abruptly turned into an endless quest for her lost spouse when  Brody Barker, an amateur detective, arrives on the scene ready to crack the mystery fast. Still, every lead, however, is a major setback. This mystery and suspense will keep you flipping the chapters, eager to find out what will follow next. If any of you enjoy fiction with healthy romantic mystery, this series should not be left out!

One can never forget mentioning the Dublin murder Squad series while discussing best mystery series books. Tana French, the Very first Woman of Irish Crime fiction, is an American author of the book series who, ironically, resides in Dublin. This series contains six different novels with different leading characters, but the story is connected overall. For example, in the Woods, a detective narrates the story; in The Likeness, his old partner speaks; in Faithful Place, her ex-manager writes; and so on.

The book series starts from the first book, “In The Woods,” where three children never came back after going into the woods to play. The same incident happened years after, making amateur detectives work hard to find out the truth. “The Likeness,” which is the second book, mostly tells the story about detective Cassie whereas in “Faithful Place,” Frank has to go back home to find out the truth. “Broken Harbour,” “The Secret Place,” and “The Trespasser” complete the mystery book series where detectives were searching for truth and solving mysteries. This top-tier mystery thriller is a must-try if you still have not read it.

Even if it is a mystery, murder mystery, thriller, crime fiction, or detective novel, the list can never be completed without mentioning the incredible work of the Queen of Mystery Agatha Christie in this genre. She wrote dozens of books and historical mystery series but the favorite pick to discuss here is “Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries Series,” consisting of 5 books. It was also converted into a series to watch after some time due to the ingenious plot.

 The Secret Adversary, Partners in Crime, N or M?, By the Pricking of My Thumbs, and Postern of Fate are included in the Tommy & Tuppence Collection. This book series is about the amateur sleuth couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, who are two best detectives created by Agatha Christie. The characters grew up and worked together by solving crimes and mysteries in a realistic manner throughout the series, from euphoric teenage investigators to elders losing their memories in the 1970s. This mystery series deserves a good reader, so grab these books whenever you have time to feast your mind with thrillers and adventure. 

Famous author Louise Penny worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 18 years as a radio broadcaster and reporter and started giving her best to the mystery and fiction genre after marriage. The top-rated detective series with 12 novels and very captivating titles are what we picked for our dedicated readers. 

The first book of the series “Still Life,” featuring amateur sleuth Armand Gamache, investigates the death of an artist in Three Pines, digging deep into secrets and finding astonishing truths. Three Pines is a place that was so devoid of crimes that it never needed its security. The next books, “A Fatal Grace,” “The Cruellest Month,” “A Rule Against Murder,” continue the story and seamlessly engage the readers by revealing new tragedies as the days turn over. As the heat rises, hidden truths and violent grudges start to appear. “A Rule Against Murder,” “The Brutal Telling,” “Bury Your Dead,” “A Trick of the Light,” “The Beautiful Mystery,” “How the Light Gets In,” “The Long Way Home,” “The Nature of the Beast,” “A Great Reckoning” is the remaining volumes in this series that demonstrate Armand Gamache’s intelligence and dedication to solving mysteries and crimes.

6. “Easy Rawlins” by Walter Mosley 

Walter Mosley is a well-known and well-liked American author. His writings have been published in over 20 other languages and have received several distinctions. Mosley is the creator of the most recommended and bestselling Easy Rawlins mystery series. He is best known for his character Rawlins, who appears in fourteen books and a series of short tales. The character Ezekiel “Easy” Porterhouse Rawlins is a fictional figure. Rawlins is a private investigator, a tough sleuth, and a Second World War survivor who lives in Los Angeles’ Watts district. This series of books is more than just a spy thriller. Mosley is a gifted writer who has something important to say about the barrier between both the black and white cultures, and he says it in a spectacular fashion. To help you get going, we’ve listed all of the Easy Rawlins series. Let the journey begin.

“Devil in the Blue Dress,” “A Read Death,” “White Butterfly,” “Black Betty,” “A Little YellowDog,” “Gone Fishin’,” “Bad Boy Brawly Brown,” “Six Easy Pieces,” “Little Scarlet,” “Cinnamon Kiss,” “Blonde Faith,” “Little Green,” “Rose Gold,” “Charcoal Joe,” and “Blood Groove” are the novels that depict the amazing detective insights and a lot of them were also converted into movies starring Denzel Washington. 

7. “The Lady Sherlock Series” by Sherry Thomas

In the first novel of this Historical mystery series, USA Today acclaimed author Sherry Thomas flipped the narrative of the iconic Sherlock Holmes completely. Lady Sherlock’s series is based on the female detective who thinks of herself as a social misfit. 

Charlotte Holmes has never been at ease with the effeteness expected of the female gender in upper-class civilization, thanks to her inquiring intellect. But she never imagined that she would become a bit of a loner, fighting for her own self on London’s grim alleys. Charlotte is keen to discover the genuine perpetrators and restore her family’s honor when the town is rocked by a trio of sudden deaths and accusation that lands on her father and sister. Charlotte will seek the support of past and present colleagues, but in the end, it will be up to Charlotte, pretending as Sherlock Holmes, to defy societal pressures and pit intellect against an unknown genius. 

“A Study In Scarlet Women,” “A Conspiracy in Belgravia,” “The Hollow of Fear,” “The Art of Theft,” “Murder on Cold Street,” and “Miss Moriarty, I Presume?” are the volumes that constitute the Lady Sherlock series. You will definitely enjoy the Lady Sherlock series if you prefer mysteries, laughter, and feminists who defy society’s standards. 

8. “The Hawthorne series” by Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz, a New York Times popular writer, has ingeniously updated the traditional crime thriller by inventing an imaginary character of himself as a modern-day Detective. The detective is an obnoxious, haughty, private, and stingy character with his deductive abilities. Imagine a more irritating version of Sherlock Holmes. The story is about a rich old lady, mother of an actress who booked her own funeral arrangements and then found dead in her own home 6 hours later hung with curtain’s rope. He wants someone like Watson from Sherlock Holmes to document his life and bear him, so he teamed up with the author, Anthony Horowitz. Soon Lueth realizes some of his dark secrets from the past where he could not help himself. But they both managed to stick through thick and thin and solved another murder crime of a famous divorce lawyer and his old friend. As our timid narrator becomes further involved in the case, he understands that these truths must be revealed even if it means death. 

This book series contains a total of 3 books with very innovative and captivating titles of “The Word is Murder,” “The Sentence is Death,” and “A  Line to kill.” The amazing mystery revolves around the questions like why are these murderers happening or did it because she planned her funeral, she killed herself?

9. “The Roxane Weary series” by Kristin Lepionka

 The Last Place You Look was recognized for Anthony and Macavity Awards and won the Shamus Award for Best First P.I. Novel. The writer is an active participant of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, as well as the feminist podcast Unlikeable Female Characters. The Roxan Weary series comprises four novels: “The Last Place You Look,” “What you want To See,” “The Stories You Tell,” and “Once You Go This Far.” 

The Last Place You Look features Roxane Weary, a private investigator, as she tries to solve a fifteen-year-old investigation and maybe save a man on death row. Her investigation into small-town conspiracies and hidden history, however, uncovers something far greater than she could have expected. It’s simply so enthralling. Roxane personally is the book’s true strength even though she was wise beyond her years, sobbing for her family and sliding into a bottle. Everyone enjoys thrillers that make you understand as much about the detective and their personal lives as they do about the case. If you enjoy thrilling mysteries, wonderfully efficient yet abnormal private investigators, crimes that spread and grow larger over time, and a dash of strange and spooky houses, this book series is for you.

10. “Blood Brother Series” by Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti thrives at writing an intimate mystery novel, especially when it’s part of a series with returning personalities, and The Blood Brothers series met all of the traditional sensual. Dark mysteries, romantic drama, and traditional sensual romances are among her great works. This mystery series is the tale of 3 brothers who manage a private investigation firm, their fascinating pasts, and the acts they do in the course of their work. The series also focuses on the protagonists’ love relationships as well as the influence of various strong and intelligent women in their life.

Book “The Deadly Silence” is the first novel of this series. Ryker feels under threat at the start of the novel after the Detective Organization he runs with his siblings Heath and Denver nearly runs out of money. Ryker is completely obsessed with Zara Remington. It doesn’t help that a gorgeous lady for whom he has deep interests is already in threat,  even though he has some unpleasant memories from his youth that he is reluctant to share with anyone. The other books included in the series are “Lethal Lies” and “Twisted Truth,” which creates a cozy mysterious universe for the reader to get lost in. 


What is the most loved book series so far?

Sherlock Holmes is the Harry potter of the crime fiction and mystery genre. Everyone is aware of the great plot and loves the characters, especially Sherlock and Watson, even from childhood, making it the most loved book series so far in this genre. 

What is the most important feature in the book series?

The most important and key feature of a book series is to keep the audience engaged throughout the book series. The toughest and most influential part of the book series is to maintain a healthy amount of suspense while revealing the secrets at perfect timings.

Final Thoughts on Mystery Book Series

The mystery genre is loved usually by the critical readers and writers themselves. Even for a fond reader, from the very first paragraph to the last, the plot twists and turns in mystery series novels will steal your breath away and keep you captivated. This genre contains an ample amount of suspense, not to forget the passionate, emotional aspects. The drama will keep your heart racing, and the surprising twists at the conclusion will make you want to read even more novels. To ensure that you get something spectacular, we searched for the best novels by authors whose work is highly regarded by critics and compiled a selection of the finest we could uncover for you. Mystery works of fiction are not only a component of tradition, but they are also works of art on their own, from characters to plot; keeping the thrill till the end is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. So do not miss out on our top picks for you, even if you are a newbie.

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