22 Best Books On Communication

The field of communication is vast and complex, and books can help us understand it better. This article will take a look at the must-read books on communication that will help you improve your skills in this area.

List of 22 the Best Books on Communication

First published in 1989, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has sold 25 million copies worldwide and spent more than four years on the New York Times Bestseller list.

This book is a self-help classic that applies to all human beings in every aspect of their lives and business. Covey provides an approachable framework for effective communication with timeless principles that are relevant across industries and disciplines.

This book is a classic and for a good reason. It is one of the best books on effective communication books out there. The book centers around six ways to make people like you, twelve ways to win people over without being offensive or argumentative, and nine tips to help you become a better speaker.

If the matter sounds interesting to you, I would highly recommend picking up a copy at your local bookstore or online.

Another best business communication book is Presentation Zen Design by Garr Reynolds. This is one of the best books to read if you want to make your presentation content look like a work of art. It will teach you how to turn plain text into beautiful slides that are more effective in communicating with an audience, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re teaching children or adults!

This book is an excellent book for any person looking to become more persuasive in their communication. Author Robert Cialdini has dedicated his career to studying the psychology behind persuasion, and this book covers six different tactics used by all sorts of people every day. Not only will readers be able to learn how they can apply these strategies to business and relationships with other humans, but also how it applies when trying to convince non-humans!

This book contains practical advice that you can start using immediately. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get somebody’s agreement today!

This book by Leil Lowndes is one of the best books on communication. It covers all sorts of elements when conversing with people, whether in person or over the phone. The book talks about how you can build rapport and trust in various situations, making it easier for both parties involved to express themselves without fear that others will misunderstand their ideas.

This book provides simple steps that anyone can follow to improve their conversation skills, even if they feel shy or lack confidence around other people. Understanding body language more clearly, not interrupting others during conversations, asking relevant questions at appropriate times, and making good use of silence within discussion are just some ways this book helps out readers who want better relationships.

6. On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition by William Zinsser 

If you want to improve your writing, this is an excellent book for you. It has lots of tips and examples on how to write better English prose. All the content in this book is well-organized, easy to understand, and fun at the same time.

This classic guide can help anyone who wants to become a good writer or needs some guidance when it comes to effective communication through written words. The information provided here will surely be beneficial not only for those whose first language is English, but also those from other countries because they may find that there are differences between their native language and American English!

7. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

This is a fascinating read, and it’s also an important one for people who want to communicate effectively in business or at home. The Tipping Point will teach you what factors make some ideas, trends, and social phenomena take off like wildfire while others fizzle out fast (or don’t catch on at all).

8. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

This is another book. It’s a simple read and has practical guidance on how to communicate your love for someone, as well as discover the primary way you both give and receive love.

9. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

Another great communication book with kids is How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. This book has been around for a while, but it’s still popular because parents love the advice on how to improve their relationship with their children without having power struggles or arguments. It includes many examples that can be used easily in real-life situations and some good tips for preventing miscommunication between mothers and daughters!

The best thing about this book is its straightforward approach to solving problems together rather than solving them all yourself as the parent. The authors encourage you to communicate more effectively with your child and listen better so they feel heard, which will help build trust between you.

10. Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

This book is about how to communicate effectively when stakes are high in business. It provides tools to manage your emotions and turn difficult conversations into powerful dialogues that lead to success. This book has been a best seller on Amazon because of its positive reviews from readers, the content it offers, and its excellent use of actual examples in different scenarios people may come across talking with others.

This book was written by four authors who have decades of experience, each as professional speakers and trainers for organizations such as IBM, AT&T Labs, NYPD police academy, FBI Academy, FDNY EMS training school, Fortune 100 companies like Allied Signal & Honeywell International.

11. Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

David Allen wrote this book. The book is arranged straightforwardly to make it easy for everyone who wants to learn how to get things done.

The author also discusses the overall approach of his “Getting Things Done” system, which can be considered as an organized and structured way of dealing with all tasks through efficient management. This will help you achieve success when properly applied.

This book teaches you to use a structured and organized system to help you achieve better results in your life.

12. Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life – A New Way of Living with Each Other by Marshall Rosenberg

Another great read on communication is the book “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life.” This classic was first published in 2002 and has since had more than half a million copies sold! The author, Marshall Rosenberg, shares his insights on identifying serving vs. destroying words and actions. He also offers practical tools to stay calm and express needs respectfully while avoiding aggressive language that can be harmful or wrongly perceived by others.

13. Emotional Intelligence 2nd Edition – Why It Can Matter More Than IQ (10th Anniversary Edition) by Daniel Goleman

This book by Daniel Goleman discusses how to develop and improve your EQ. It shows that understanding emotions, our own and those of others, is crucial in influencing the success of relationships with other people at home or friends at work and for success within an organization.

This book gives you a set of skills that makes it easier to motivate yourself and deal with stress more effectively. This leads to improved productivity and enhanced performance at all levels – individual, organizational, community, and societal. Emotional Intelligence has been shown by research studies conducted over the last decade (and now including hundreds of thousands of subjects) to be far more important than IQ in determining life outcomes such as career success

14. The Art of Communicating by John Powell

This book by John Powell is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a better communicator with friends, for example. Powell says that we all communicate every day, whether it’s face-to-face with someone or through written communication. You can use many ideas in this book to improve your communication skills when writing an essay or to talk with others about their feelings.

15. Getting Through to People by David Lieberman 

This is also another fantastic book for learning how to be a better communicator. Lieberman presents scientific findings, anecdotes, and examples of real-life relationships to show you the best ways to approach people when trying to communicate with friends.

Books on communication are often very dry but Getting Through To People is an exception that makes reading fun by being witty at times while always being severe about teaching its readers what they need to know.

16. Communication in Everyday Life” by Paul Watzlawick, Janet Beavin Bavelas, Donald D. Jackson, and Don Raskin

This book by Paul Watzlawick is one of the essential books in communications. It was published in 1967, and it’s still relevant today! The book has five parts, including “On Being Mad,” which looks at how we communicate when feeling angry, sad, or afraid. I recommend this book to any person who is looking for self-improvement by understanding their communication style to build relationships.

17. The Transparent Self by Maurice Nicoll

This book by Maurice Nicoll was written during the first world war. The book is a collection of lectures that Nicoll had given on communication and how to improve one’s ability in it – for both active listening and speaking.

Nicoll differentiates between four types of people: those who speak without listening, those who listen without speaking, those who only hear what they want to hear, and finally, those who do not even know there are two parties involved in communication skill. To understand themselves better to communicate appropriately with others, they must work through these stages before arriving at self-knowledge. This includes being aware of their ego and pride, which often prevent them from seeing things enough to express them effectively; also includes focusing on others’ (the listener’s) point of view.

18. Managing Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen

This book talks about having difficult conversations with someone without hurting their feelings or making them defensive. It helps you identify the different types of personalities, with real life examples that people may come across during a conversation to be prepared for it in advance and handle it accordingly for better relationships. 

19. Talk Like TED Talks – The 9 Public Speaking Secrets You Need To Know! by Carmine Gallo

This is also another great book to read on communication. The author of this book is Carmine Gallo, a public speaking coach, and consultant who has worked with top family members and tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Cisco, among others.

20. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Rober Cialdini

This book has sold over three million copies and explores how people influence others in various social settings such as interpersonal relationships, business dealings, marketing strategies, and politics.

After reading the stories within this book, you should see why specific tactics were used and which ones worked best for building relationships. This skill will prove helpful if you’re interested in trying to persuade others towards your way of thinking or doing things yourself!

21. The Five Love Languages

This book is a must-read for all couples and the different ways that we express ourselves in relationships and love each other as a couple. There are five main languages: how people show their emotions or feelings, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. If you want to have successful communication and understand your partner better, this is exactly what you need! It will remain your favorite book if you read it!

22. Fierce Conversations

This last book teaches you how to improve your communication skills when it comes to difficult conversations, with colleagues or in relationships, for example. One of the main takeaways from this book is that we need to be willing to enter into these tough conversations to lead us somewhere good.

It also emphasizes the importance of not getting stuck in your perspective. Many conflicts can be resolved if you are willing to step out of yourself and hear the other person’s perspective, even when it is challenging or different from what you believe.


Communication is a vital part of our lives. Not only does it help us relate to others, but it helps us connect with ourselves as well. We all have days where we feel lost and alone in this world, so why not find ways to communicate better with ourselves?

It can be challenging because sometimes you don’t even know what your feelings are or how they manifest themselves into actionable thoughts that you need guidance on. This is precisely where books come in handy! They’re like having someone right there guiding you through the murky depths of life’s most complicated dilemmas without ever adding their insights or opinions (which could potentially sway your decision-making process).


What are the perfect books to improve communication skills?

There are a lot of great books that have been written on the subject. All that is needed of you is making the time to read them. By reading these books, you will learn about communication and how it can be used in different situations. You may also discover what works best for you when communicating with others.

You should start by reading one of Dale Carnegie’s famous books on public speaking; “How To Win Friends And Influence People.” This book shows readers everything they need to know about becoming a great speaker, including helpful tips that are easy to follow along.

How can I improve my communication skills using books?

Reading books can be a great way to learn about any topic. But if you want to improve your communication skills, reading books on that subject is an excellent idea! To save time, though, you can check on the top books on communication for anyone who wants to become better at talking with others.

What are the five most essential communication skills?

The five most essential communication skills consist of the following: 
* Listening
* Body Language
* Verbal Communication Skills
* Nonverbal Communication Skills
* Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills

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