Remainders (Updated 08.06.14)

In addition to all of the new titles and familiar standards that we stock, St. Mark's also features publishers' remainders. These are hardcovers and paperbacks, ranging from Fiction, History, and Politics to Art, Film and Design. Some of them are only a few months old, and all of them are marked down and priced to move.

If you find a title labeled "Remainder" on the site, it's fairly likely to be out of stock, so always check this page.

Here is a selection of some of the latest arrivals:  

My Bookstore by Ron Rice - Remainder
Model: rem009450

The Other Language - Remainder
Model: rem009460

Thirty Girls - Remainder
Model: rem009470

Visual Culture - Remainder
Model: rem009570

World Press Photo 11 - Remainder
Model: rem009600

Winkie - Remainder
Model: rem009610

Broken Land (Paperback) - Remainder
Model: rem009680