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News from the worlds of publishing and bookselling seems relentlessly bleak.

Actually, anyone who reads and cares about books knows that independent bookstores and publishers have been in serious danger for a while.

First, the explosive growth of chain bookstores lured customers away with low prices and stacks of bestsellers. Then, the arrival of the ebook and its various readers seemed to make the very idea of bookstore, of any size, obsolete. And now, while these pressures continue, there’s also a persistent slowing of the economy on a global scale.

In this uncertain environment, St. Mark’s Bookshop would like you to meet our friends at OR Books. Their remedy for uncertainty is bold imagination.

OR Books has partnered with St. Mark's Bookshop. Purchase OR Books direct from their site and St. Mark's will receive a portion of the proceeds, another way in which OR is trying to find new ways to support independence in publishing and bookselling.

Check out two of OR's latest titles, The Collected Fictions of Gordon Lish and At The Tea Party edited by Laura Flanders:




In literary America, to utter the name “Gordon Lish” in aconversation is like adding hot sauce to a meal. You either enjoy thezesty experience, one that pushes your limits –– or you prefer to stayaway. It’s Lish who, first as fiction editor at Esquiremagazine (where he earned the nickname “Captain Fiction”) and then atthe publisher Alfred A. Knopf, shaped the work of many of the country’sforemost writers, from Raymond Carver and Barry Hannah to Amy Hempeland Lily Tuck.

As a writer himself, Lish’s stripped-down, brutally spare styleearns accolades in increasing numbers. His oeuvre is coming to berecognized as among the most significant of the period that spans thetransition between the 20th and 21st centuries. Kirkus Reviews wrote of his last collection that “Lish…is still our Joyce, our Beckett, our most true modernist.”

This definitive collection of Lish’s short work includes a newforeword by the author and 106 stories, many of which Lish has revisedexclusively for this edition. His observations are in turn achingly sadand wryly funny as they spark recognition of our common, clumsyhumanity. There are no heroes here, except, perhaps, for all of us, aswe muddle our way through life: they are stories of unfaithfulhusbands, inadequate fathers, restless children and writing teachers,men lost in their middle age: more often than not first-person talesnarrated by one “Gordon Lish.” The take on life is bemused, satirical,and relentlessly accurate; the language unadorned: the result is amodel of modernist prose and a volume of enduring literarycraftsmanship.

Publication: June 15, 2010 - 546 pages - Watch the video HERE

Available as a PAPERBACK for $22, as an EBOOK for $10, or get BOTH for only $25 





In the wake of the November elections, the Tea Party has gone from awell-funded, media-savvy, fringe group to become the new kids in theclass of the 2011 Congress. Their presence is unpredictable andpotentially explosive. Sarah Palin looks increasingly likely to mount abid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Tea partiersRand Paul, Mike Lee and Dan Coats now sit in the Senate alongside theGOP’s new poster boy, Marco Rubio. In total some 30 Tea Partysupporters won seats in Congress. Their party is evidently here to stay– but what exactly does that mean for the future of the country?

Just published by OR Books, At the Tea Party presents alively and informed expose of this explosive new force in Americanpolitics. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Read these pages and youwill come to understand the coalition of anti-abortion, pro-gunadvocates who comprise the tea parties' shock troops. You will discoverwhat MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Lacewell and Going Rougeeditors Rich Kim and Betsy Reed have to say about the racism,homophobia and sexism that fuels the tea party fizz. You will followthe money that flowed from the shadowy organizations of the super richto pay for the ads that won the races. You will learn about theunscrupulous gold-peddlers who are virtually the sole underwriters ofGlenn Beck's Fox News show. And you will get the up-close-and-personalscoop on movement’s biggest stars - Sarah from Wasilla and themercurial, crying clown, Glenn Beck.

With contributions from a wide range of leading experts, At the Tea Partysorts the facts from the frenzy. Most importantly, it looks forward.Will the tea partiers in Congress launch a civil war within theRepublican Party? Could they take over the GOP and end up running thecountry? And what role can the Left play in preventing the tea partiersfrom remaking America in their own fervid image?

Combining investigative zeal, smart, hard facts, and a leavening ofsharp wit and political passion, At the Tea Party stands out amongbooks on the Tea Party phenomenon as a must-read for anyone interestedin the turbulent future of American politics.

Publication: November 1, 2010 - 288 pages - Watch the video HERE

Available as a PAPERBACK for $16, as an EBOOK for $10, or get BOTH for only $20